3rd project Newsletter

2 good news about the VIRTUS project!

The first excellent news is that Omega, the partner organisation responsible for developing the VR scenarios accompanying the training programme, has successfully finalised its task. Three different scenarios have been developed to support autistic people to acquire the most important skills to be able to work in a specific profession (Barista, office clerk, kitchen assistant).

The second piece of good news is that the meeting in Lousa provided the perfect opportunity for the VIRTUS consortium to visit ARCIL's vocational training center. On that occasion, project partners had the chance to see firsthand the impressive job carried out by the portuguese organisaton in supporting individuals with different types of disabilities in their integration into the mainstream workforce.

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2nd project Newsletter

VIRTUS held its first Multiplier Event in Germany!

On 3 March, QBS Gewerkstat, VIRTUS Coordinator, hosted the first multiplier event "Autism in Vocational Education and Training" at its premises in Bochum (Germany), organised as part of the VIRTUS project. The event was a great opportunity to present the Training Kit for Trainers that is currently being developed by the VIRTUS consortium, and to open a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of using digital teaching methods to promote the professional development and integration of autistic people

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Multiplier Event VIRTUS, 26.04.2023

Multiplier Event VIRTUS, 26.04.2023

On Wednesday, 26.04.2023, a multiplier event took place in Cleopatra Hotel, Nicosia.
People with autism with their care givers participated and tried Virtus VR platform.

VIRTUS project’s innovative approach on vocational education and training for autistic individuals

Autistic individuals face numerous obstacles when trying to navigate a world designed for neurotypical people. Because of the challenges autistic people face in communication and social interaction, they can often be misunderstood and mislabelled as unsuitable for employment, which can then lead to them being excluded and marginalised from society. To tackle these issues head-on, it is crucial to provide autistic individuals with high-quality vocational education programmes that are specifically tailored to them. Programmes that address social, pre-vocational and vocational skills are particularly in need as such training can prepare them for their transition to the labour market. This is where the VIRTUS project comes in!

Multiplier Event VIRTUS, 03.03.2023

Multiplier Event VIRTUS, 03.03.2023

On Friday, 03.03.2023, the symposium Autism in Vocational Education and Training took place in the rooms of the QBS Gewerkstatt.
18 people from 12 different organisations took part, including representatives of the Employment Agency, who had already been informed about the VIRTUS project in advance and will continue to be informed about the progress of the project. Unfortunately, not all invited guests were able to attend due to a public transport strike.

1st Newsletter - November 2022 - Project VIRTUS

The ViRtus Project is an Erasmus+ Project we were very excited to launch in March 2022!

The Project aims to boost the employability of autistic adults through:

  • enhancing the vocational skills of autistic individuals to raise their opportunities to secure and maintain meaningful employment and increase their sense of well-being
  • making vocational training programs promoted by the project more attractive and interesting for autistic individuals by combining innovative VR technology with in-vivo seminars
  • ..................
Virtus Project: Second TPM in Athens, November 10-11 2022

Virtus Project: Second TPM in Athens, November 10-11 2022

On November 10-11, the 5 partner organisations involved in the VIRTUS project finally met for their second transnational project meeting. During their stay in Athens, the organisations discussed the next steps foreseen by the project, which will include the creation of the VIRTUS curriculum and training programme for autistic individuals to acquire the necessary skills to access meaningful employment.

Dissemination Event in Malta, 13.10.2022

Dissemination Event in Malta, 13.10.2022

During the EASPD Conference in Malta, and during the Person-Centered Technology Member Forum on the 13th of October, Project VIRTUS was presented by Angeliki Louloumari from Ploes. The presentation included the results of the research conducted during the first months of the project, as well as the next steps, that entail the development of Virtual Reality scenarios. The presentations sparked a conversation on issues concerning Virtual Reality.

VIRTUS project: Kick-off meeting

VIRTUS project: Kick-off meeting

On April 28 and 29, EASPD met 5 partner organisations from Germany, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus for the VIRTUS project kick-off meeting!

During the meeting, all partners had the opportunity to present themselves and their work and to brainstorm on the key project results.

Stay tuned and follow our next steps!




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