PR1: SoA, Needs Analysis Report and Curricula

The first part of the VIRTUS project aims at the development of an innovative vocational skills curriculum adapted to the needs and strengths of autistic individuals, bibliographic research on vocational skills interventions was conducted, to provide us with the most recent developments in the field. 

PR2: Training KIT

The Training Kit equips professional facilitators (trainers, social educators/workers, vocational training providers, etc.) with practical, engaging and personalised materials and strategies which they can use to train autistic people to increase their efficiency and productivity and enable them to reach their full potential.

PR3: VR Application

VR technology in the VIRTUS project provides an unprecedented opportunity to simulate real-world scenarios in a controlled, adaptable environment. This approach is crucial for autistic individuals who may find traditional learning settings overwhelming or distracting. The sensory-controlled VR environments can be tailored to minimize stress triggers, creating a conducive learning space that enhances focus and engagement.

PR4: Certification Scheme

The Certification Scheme for individuals with autism in three different professions – as assistant barista, kitchen assistant and office clerk, is intended for the certification of individuals with autism who want to grant a qualification through certification and the ability to work in the field that they have been chosen and trained. This Certification Scheme contains principles, requirements, criteria, and the process for the certification of individuals with autism in three different professions – as assistant barista, kitchen assistant and office clerk.




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