During the VIRTUS Project’s duration, the following deliverables will be developed:

  • Literature research and needs analysis on the needs of autistic individuals in search of employment.
  • VIRTUS Training kit(including VR app), that is going to include 3 pillars: interpersonal, pre-vocational and vocational skills (on three specific professions: Barista, Kitchen assistant, office clerk)
  • VIRTUS Tutor’s Guide (translated in all languages of the countries involved and available for free access after the completion of the Project)
  • Certification Scheme according to European standards intended for training material, trainers, as well as autistic participants.

The VIRTUS Project is expected to have a great impact on the mental health professionals and autistic individuals involved as it will provide an attractive and innovative training program, targeted to their specific needs and challenges. The contribution of specialised professionals and autism experts will provide added value to the project, by connecting it with the labour market in an autism-friendly methodology. The utmost purpose of the project is to battle unemployment for underrepresented populations, such as autistic individuals, by providing high quality certified skills and by preparing them for the labour market.



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