The project

VIRTUS project is addressing the preparation and readiness of ASD individuals on occupational ability, adaptation to professional environments and professional training with Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Project Activities include assessment of methodologies, development of VR scenarios for 3 different occupations (Barista, Kitchen Assistant, Office Clerk), training of trainers, training of people with ASD and evaluation and certification according to EU standard.


The goals of the project are:

  • Raise awareness to relevant stakeholders such as employers, parents and caregivers of autistic individuals, VET organisations and organisations active in the field of autism
  • Enhance the vocational skills of autistic individuals to raise possibilities to secure and maintain meaningful employment and increase their sense of wellbeing
  • Make the training programs more attractive and interesting for autistic individuals by combining innovative VR technology with in-vivo seminars
  • Provide high-quality vocational education and training in a range of professions in which autistics could thrive and certify the acquired skills according to EU standards



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