PR1: SoA, Needs Analysis Report and Curricula


SoA Report

This report includes a summary of the bibliographic research that has been conducted by the participating organisations during the first Project Result of the VIRTUS Project.

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Needs Analysis

A needs analysis was needed to help us determine the actual needs and working profiles of our beneficiaries. Through literature research, the most prominent tool to gather relevant information concerning the vocational skills of autistic individuals was deemed to be the Autism Work Skills Questionnaire by Eynat Gal (2015).

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Virtus Training Curriculum

This training aims to provide autistic individuals with required social, prevocational and vocational skills required for an assistant working position in three different professions: Kitchen assistant, office clerk and barista by employing a multi-faceted approach that combines traditional pedagogy, hands-on experiences, and innovative technology.

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Virtus Curriculum Barista

This curriculum is made especially for autistic individuals, guiding them step by step into the art of coffee-making. It breaks down the process into simple steps, from making a straightforward espresso to crafting a creamy latte. Each section is tailored to make learning easy and enjoyable, offering a sensory journey that many autistic individuals might find engaging and rewarding.

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Virtus Curriculum Kitchen assistant

This curriculum is made especially for autistic individuals, guiding them step by step into the role of a kitchen assistant.

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Virtus Curriculum Office Clerk

The modern office environment requires a diverse range of skills, many of which align with the unique strengths and attributes of autistic individuals. This curriculum has been tailored to develop the qualities of autistic students, ensuring they succeed in the role of an office clerk.

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